About Us


We are the collective owners of property in the Pelican Isle sub-division at Richland Chambers Lake.  Each year, the owners elect a 3-person Board of Directors to manage the business of the Pelican Isle Property Owners’ Association (POA).  The Board appoints officers, and committees are organized to manage the workings of the community.  We are not for profit but we do collect monthly dues from all property owners and conduct fund-raisers periodically to ensure we have money available to maintain and/or make improvements to our common properties.

Whenever possible, we prefer to employ property owners who have professional qualifications in areas of service where the POA is in need of assistance.  Examples include pool maintenance, electrical, plumbing, building construction, janitorial, website development services.  When we are not able to identify and use our own resources, we hire external contractors and firms to accomplish the task at hand.

We have a beautiful community with a number of amenities (clubhouse with TV, WI-FI, kitchen, and showers, a laundry room, pool, and boat ramp) but we consistently strive to make improvements wherever possible.  Improvements currently being considered are the construction of a playground/games area in the common areas around the clubhouse, a beach/recreational area beside the existing boat ramp, the installation of a modest set of boat slips also in the boat ramp area to allow owners to leave their boats in the water for the day rather than needing to take the boat in and out multiple times during the day.  As much as possible, we’re looking to make these improvements available at no additional cost to owners, but there may be cases where additional funds are necessary.   In those cases, we’ll thoughtfully and cautiously consider the options that exist and aspire to make responsible decisions that successfully reflect the wishes of the majority of property owners.

It is our mission to wisely utilize and invest the monies collected from Pelican Isle owners, whether as monthly dues or through fund-raising activities, in the best interest of all, leaving individual biases out of the decisions made.

Our By-laws and Declaration of Covenants were created when Pelican Isle was established years ago and may periodically require updates.  Per the regulations laid out in those documents, we will not make changes to the content of those documents without a 66 2/3 consensus vote of all property owners.

Welcome to our website, and enjoy the lake!